Could You Be More Specific?

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Could You Be More Specific? is an online pro­ject focused on prac­tices that engage with their con­text as part of their con­tent. They might be site– or context-specific, con­cerned with ‘place’ or ‘envir­on­ment’, or inter­rog­at­ing the dynamic of their recep­tion, includ­ing some rela­tional and social prac­tices and those  under­tak­ing insti­tu­tional critique.

Could You Be More Specific?
addresses a com­par­at­ive lack of dis­cus­sion on the implic­a­tions and pos­sib­il­it­ies of these prac­tices being under­taken sim­ul­tan­eously in far flung parts of the world. The pro­ject in part aims to foster dia­logue, com­munity and increased activ­ity in this area.

Could You Be More Specific? takes the format of part annual crit­ical online journal and part research repos­it­ory, where clip­pings of per­tin­ent pro­jects, art­icles and research that our con­trib­ut­ors come across can be col­lec­ted together, more or less randomly.