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The Telepathy Project [en]counters documentation

The Telepathy Project [en]counters documentation

The Telepathy Project, artists Veronica Kent and Sean Peoples, presented Dreaming the Arabian Sea as part of the [en]counters program, a performance on Juhu Beach, North Mumbai, Sunday 20 January from 5pm. Read more

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Satellite was a non-profit contemporary art agency that initiates, develops and presents ambitious public projects and commissions. Learn more

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PVI Collective [en]counters documentation
PVI Collective presented Resist, a participatory performance tug-of-war over community issues at Juhu Beach, North Mumbai on 17 January as part of the [en]counters program. Read more – ‘PVI Collective [en]counters documentation’.
Kay Abude [en]counters documentation
Kay Abude presented her work ‘Production Line’ on Bandra Promenade in North Mumbai over two afternoons and evenings as part of the [en]counters program. Over three hours between 5pm and 8pm an alternating and mutable workforce sit at four workstations to turn locally sourced textiles into neatly stacked bundles of ‘money’. Read more – ‘Kay Abude [en]counters documentation’.
R.U.R. at Monash Uni Clayton
Originally commissioned by Satellite Art Projects in 2008, Ronnie van Hout’s iconic sculpture R.U.R. is once again on public display, at Monash University Clayton campus. Read more – ‘R.U.R. at Monash Uni Clayton’.

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